My name is Disha Sharma and I am a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer currently based in Dallas, Texas.

With a huge fascination about nature and its colors, I love to recreate botanical, floral and natural elements on paper using watercolors. I enjoy looking into details and creating botanical and food illustrations.

I enjoy painting with watercolors and editing them on digital platform using  Procreate or Photoshop for packaging, editorial and commercial purposes.

I have worked with a number of editorial clients including Baltimore Magazine and Gravy.

When I am not illustrating, you can find me having fun time with my 6 year old son or walking alongside the lake next to my home, watching birds and nature.  

Looking for some beautiful illustrations for your product packaging, or editorial projects? I am just an Email away.  

To view my Surface Patterns , click HERE or Contact Me to view complete Portfolio.