Watercolor For Beginners - Common Doubts before Starting out

Starting your watercolor journey may come with a ton of questions in mind. Whether I should get started? Am I good enough? Should I even spend money of these expensive supplies at all? and so on...

When I started about 3 years ago, I was in the same boat. I never thought that in less than a year, I'll be spending money on Artists quality supplies and after a year of practice, I could be publishing my first class online. Now I am so happy I chose to carry on with my every day practice and expand my freelance career with time.

I know the struggles every newbie faces when they start painting with watercolors. So I thought of summing up all those questions and worries together and provide you with the best knowledge that I have learned through my personal experience.

This post is about clearing some doubts that as a beginner, you may have or want to get some inspiration. So here are some questions which I generally see beginners ask me on Instagram.

1. Who is watercolor painting for?

Well, the answer is simple : YOU. If you have reached this post up to this point, that means you really want to paint with Watercolors. And which clearly means that watercolor is for YOU, my friend.

2. Do I need basic understanding of sketching or painting to start with?

Absolutely not. Here is the reason why - Starting with watercolors or any medium is just a way of expressing your inner feelings on paper. If you have some knowledge of art, you sure will excel. But if you have never picked up a brush before, you are even in a better place because this is the point when you have full freedom of enjoying the process and the magic of watercolors without any expectations. Have you ever seen a child thinking so much before picking up a brush? Kids just enjoy the process. And that is more important. Once you start your journey, rest will fall in place with time.

3. That person is so good in painting than me.

Comparison is number one enemy for anyone in creative field. Never compare yourself with anyone. Your art, your style and your creativity is unique and so is the other person's. Take inspiration from others but don't get overwhelmed by seeing anyone's work. Comparison will make you feel more doubtful and take your freedom away to start.

"Remember Why You Started"

4. Do I need to buy a lot of expensive tools?

If you are just beginning your journey, whether to get into some professional field or just as a hobby, you don't need to splurge on expensive supplies at all. All you need is the enthusiasm to experiment and some basic supplies. At this point cheap art supplies will work perfectly. In fact I will encourage you to start with them so that your mind is free from the pressure of wasting money while painting. Once you get your hands dirty with paints and are ready for your next leap, then go for high quality materials. I will talk about supplies in my upcoming post soon. Stay tuned...

5. Should I even share my work online?

I will definitely encourage you to share your work online. But if you are not ready, do not let social media be an obstacle. Take your time, practice and when you are ready, start sharing your work.

6. Where can I learn the techniques of watercolors?

There are so many resources out there.

  • Youtube is completely free and there are so many tutorials on this platform. You should definitely start looking at the tutorials there.

  • Skillshare is another amazing platform where you can find so many classes on watercolors and other topics. It is not free but you can get 2 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to all the premium classes and cancel anytime. If you cancel before 2 months are over, you will not be charged a penny. Isn't that great? And in case you want to continue you membership, the price is only $10 per month. That's a steal :)

  • There are many other online platforms like Creative bug, Creative Live and Udemy which you can also explore.

  • Local Workshops are another great way to get your hands on watercolors.

So what are you thinking now? Just grab your paints, brushes and paper and start doodling. I hope after reading this post, you must have felt better and it gave you some inspiration to pick up your brushes and paints and start painting. I will be coming up with more posts in which I will talk more in details about supplies, techniques, tips and more about watercolors.

"Paint as if no one is watching you"

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