Raphael Aqua Soft Mop Brush Review

Watercolor brushes are always one of the important tools for any watercolor artist.

I have been looking for the finest brushes since a long time. With my experience with watercolors I have learned one thing, that there is one tool which can make the real difference in your art journey and that is a Brush. Investing in a good quality brush makes a real difference in an artist's growth.

Well choosing the perfect brush can be really intimidating and also lead to frustration, but here I am going to review an amazing Mop brush by Raphael that was sent to me by one of the leading Art suppliers in India - Creative Hands Art Materials.

When I opened the package, the brush was intact and was covered with a plastic cover as most of the good quality brushes are sold.

So here are my views on this brush below jotted down in points:

1. This is a 3/0 size Mop brush which is almost the same size a Round 6 brush.

2. Though it is a synthetic brush and an imitation of Squirrel hair, the hair is quite soft and perfect for watercolor painting.

3. The brush holds a large amount of water which makes is perfect for long strokes and even large washes. But if you are a landscape painter, I would recommend buying a larger size in their Aqua soft mop series.

But for the painters like me who like to create more detailed work, this size is perfect to work with.

4. The tip of this brush is very pointed which makes it easy to get the finer strokes and thin lines.

5. Snap test: While buying a brush, it is recommend to do a snap test. That is holding the brush upright, pressing the hair to a side with one finger and releasing it. The hair should go back to its normal position. Raphael Aqua soft Mop brush came to its original position when I did the snap test.

6.The price of this brush is only Rs 597 which is quite affordable for any intermediate or professional artist.


For me there were no such cons but here are a few that may apply in different scenarios:

1. The handle is very thin as compared to other brushes but it was not an issue for me.

2. If you are not looking for a very soft hair brush, this may not be the right choice for you.

The overall impression of this brush was great. Being a cruelty free brush makes it more close to my heart. Until now I have not used any natural hair brush except one Silver Brush Black Velvet size 6. And I am not going to spend money on any natural hair brushes in future as I found one of the best from Raphael.

To buy these brushes you can go to Creative Hands Art Materials website. Link Below:


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