Playful Spring Florals Collection

Spring always brings joy to my heart. I love when the trees start getting green fresh leaves and the flowers start to bloom. This time of the year is the most joyous and colorful. And how can I sit behind and not doodle some colorful florals and leaves?

So here is a story behind my first collection on Spoonflower. Last year in October me and and my husband along with our son moved to US. As soon as we arrived here, we just saw the fall- not the real fall which we get to see on the East Coast(New York) but just the feels of it. Neither we got to see much beautiful fall colors of the maple leaves nor the real feel of the fall but we just saw a sudden change of temperature from very hot(90 degrees to 30 degrees). That's it!!

So I really missed that time which we see in other states of the USA and this cold did not end until the end of January. Now as we are at the end of Feb and the March is right here, I can see the change again and I cannot wait to see all the blossoms. So when I first felt the spring vibes, I just grabbed my iPad and doodled some random wild yellow florals and dark grey leaves and twigs.

I loved the color palette so much that I decided to turn those doodles into a complete collection of patterns and start my shop on Spoonflower. For the color Palette I did some research on Pinterest and came out with the below colors for my collection. If you want some color inspiration for your design projects, I have saved a huge collection of inspiration on my Pinterest Board

If you are interested in looking for more collections, click here. If you are an Art Director or interested in buying any of my patterns, Get in Touch with me.

Coming up with more interesting patterns and illustrations. Stay tuned till then :)

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Procreate Brushes
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