Level Up Your Workflow with Procreate

Hello Creatives !!

For anyone who is a creative whether a traditional artist or a Digital Designer, there comes a point when you would need to use your work and sell in different formats.

Digital world has been a game changer in the creative world. Adobe has been the leader in the digital design world, but with the advancements in technology, new tools and programs have been coming up. Many perform okay-ish and some take the lead.

Level Up Your Workflow With Procreate and iPad

Procreate has been one of the major game players in this field. Initially when I came to know about this app, I was intimidated whether I should invest in an iPad or not. But finally in January 2018, I bought myself an ipad and Procreate was the first app which I purchased.

And what next, I kept on playing with this app, created designs, did some client projects and now I am teaching not one but 3 classes on Skillshare about Procreate.

What really changed my workflow was that I never had to look back to my desktop, expensive tools, a drawing tablet etc. I don't need a proper setup really. I can create on my couch, in a cafe, in a flight or anywhere I feel like. This freedom that I feel with my iPad and Procreate was not there with my older tools. Trust me this freedom really matters to any creative.

If you are serious about making art and graphic design, I will highly recommend using Procreate. Procreate costs only $9.99 and they don't even charge for upgrades. However if you look at Adobe Photoshop, you pay a subscription every month which is not that cheap. So looking at the bigger picture, an iPad combined with Procreate will not cost you as much as only one single Adobe tool will.

Digitize Artwork

Have you been struggling to digitize your art in your computer?

Well if you believe me, I have been digitizing my all artwork that I make on paper in Procreate. Its way too simple to clean up the paper background, adjusting hue, saturation and exporting in PSD format. All done in Procreate. I even have a whole class on how you can digitize your work in Procreate using some simple techniques.

Seamless Patterns

Did you know that you can also create your own seamless repeat patterns using just Procreate?

Well yes it is possible. You literally do not need any other program to create your patterns. So if you want to pull out your old artwork or elements that you may have painted and want to reuse them. Get them digitized in Procreate and then create beautiful patterns.

Here is the link to the class in which I go step by step to create a seamless pattern in Procreate.

Create Product Mockups

Procreate is an amazing tool with so many capabilities that many people really do not realize it has. Now that you know that you can digitize your traditional art and create seamless patterns in Procreate. I want to tell you one more wonderful thing that you can even showcase your designs on various products using Procreate. Showcasing a design on a product is called a MOCKUP. Mockups play a vital role in selling a design to potential clients. It gives hen a better idea of how your design will look on their products.

Now you might be wondering generally layered Mockup files come in PSD format. But not to worry because our best friend Procreate can handle that too.

We can work with PSD format in Procreate as well. In my class about "Creating Mockups in Procreate", I have shown 5 examples using different tools in Procreate to create beautiful mockups.

So what are you waiting for? Just have a look at what you all will learn in this class.

So when you can achieve so much with a program that costs only $9.99, is easy to carry anywhere and needs no monthly subscription, why go back to any expensive programs. I love Procreate and I am sure you will love it too once you start working on it.

And if you are not on Skillshare yet, you can avail 2 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to thousands of Premium classes using any of the links to my classes above. All you need to do is create an account with your name, email and credit card information. You will not be charged until 2 months and you can cancel anytime before the 2 months are over(if you do not wish to continue). No Commitments. I have learned a lot on this platform and now I myself am a teacher there. Amazing right? :)

Happy Learning !!


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Procreate Brushes
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