Arteza 60 Tube Gouache Set Review

Arteza 60 Gouache Set

Recently I collaborated again with Arteza to review their 60 tube set of Gouache Paints. I am so excited to share my thoughts on these paints with you guys.

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen me using Arteza gouache more than any other brand. The reasons for my love for their gouache paints is their high quality at an affordable price. I have shared my experience in the video below, if you want to watch the complete review.

Why I think Arteza gouache paints are a perfect choice for anyone?

  1. The quality of the paints is very professional.

  2. Color options in the sets of their gouache are really good for anyone from a beginner to a professional creative.

  3. The price of these paints is really affordable as compared to many good quality paints.


  1. These paints are not available as open stock. So every time you will have to buy a set of paints.

  2. Arteza does not deliver worldwide. I believe they will start soon.

If you want to buy these paints, here are the links:

** Arteza Gouache 60 Set **

** Arteza Gouache 24 Set **

** Arteza Gouache 12 Metallic Set **

** Arteza Gouache Artist Bundle **

My final thoughts are Arteza Gouache paints are perfect for a beginner, an experienced artists, graphic designers and illustrators.

If want to know my thoughts on their 36 Watercolor Pan set, Watch here.

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