Adobe Fresco - Paint Realistic Watercolor Misty Forest Watercolor

My love for watercolors is immense. I started painting with this amazing medium almost 2 years ago and now I paint everyday with them. The blending that we get with this medium cannot be achieved with any other medium. The blends, the bleeds and the unpredictable nature makes it so unique.

You must have seen so many artists painting forests, nature landscapes and misty mountains with watercolors. I tried to achieve the similar results on digital tools but never got good results. Finally when in 2019, Adobe launched their new app - Adobe Fresco for the touch based drawing tablets, I was not sure of whether I will try it or not.

But in January I just gave it a try. And trust me, I loved every bit of it. In fact, before Fresco they had a free app - Adobe Draw which has a watercolor brush in it. But Adobe Fresco has more tools, options and flexibility.

Live Brushes in Adobe Fresco:

Live Brushes are the highlights of this app. it has 2 types of Live brushes- Watercolor and Oil.

If you use these brushes, they give a feel as if your are painting on a real surface with real watercolors or oil paints.

Watercolor Brushes behave really like you are painting on paper. The colors blend, bleed into each other just like real paints. So why not give it a try?

If you are thinking about the subscription that you need to use Adobe Fresco, I got you. Adobe provides a FREE 7 Day Trial. You can play around with the app and then decide whether you want to use it or not. So why not just give it a try?

If you are on Skillshare, you can access the class HERE

If you haven't tried Skillshare yet, Get 2 Months Free HERE

And if you want to just buy this course and have lifetime access, you can get the course HERE

I hope you will enjoy the class and come up with your own versions of beautiful Watercolor paintings in Fresco.

ipad copy.jpg
Procreate Brushes
Adobe Fresco (2).jpg
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