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Slow Brewed Cult Vinegars

Recently I was reading an article in Wall Street Journal about these slow brewed vinegars which bring pop of flavor in the food. This is a really interesting article about vinegars and how they were invented by so many cool people.

And looking at these beautiful bottles, I could not resist to paint them in my own style.

This is my rendition of the article - "These Cult Vinegars Make Everything Taste Better—Instantly" by Jane Black in Wall Street Journal on Sep 10, 2021

Tart Vinegar Illustration
Apricot Golden Balsamic Vinegar

Tart Celery Vinegar

I personally enjoyed painting this Tart Vinegar bottle. The reason was the color and the cool illustration on its label which is quite different to my style. I incorporated gouache to add the clouds and markers for details.​

Appalachian Vinegar

Apricot Golden Balsamic  Vinegar

Initially I thought this would be the easiest to paint. It was so much fun to draw this shape of the bottle. Later when I had to paint the label, I made a few mistakes and then gouache paints came to the rescue. But just loved how it came out finally.

Appalachian Spicebush Berry Vinegar

This vinegar bottle was also painted with watercolors. And getting that dark wine like color of vinegar was a little challenging but I somehow managed to get the right shade and opacity.

Acid League Vinegar.jpg

Acid League Strawberry Rose Vinegar

This was the cutest bottle of all. The small size of this bottle makes it more attractive and I loved the rose pink shade used in the label.

Cult Vinegars - Wall Street Journal
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